What you should know about the acquisition of a temporary immigration visa

What you should know about the acquisition of a temporary immigration visa

It is necessary for people who live abroad to obtain a visa prior to visiting another country. Although the acquisition of a visa does not guarantee that a person would be able to enter the said country, it still determines that the individual is eligible to seek entry into the country. Now, there are two distinct classes of visas, which are inclusive of permanent immigration visas and temporary immigration visas. Here’s a look into what the temporary immigration visa has to offer.

Acquiring a temporary immigration visa
This is basically a non-immigrant visa that is issued to international travellers who wish to enter a country like the U.S. or Canada for a particular period of time through their immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. It is specifically meant for people who wish to visit a country for purposes like tourism, medical treatment, and even business etc.

Considering that this visa is meant for those interested in entering a country on a temporary basis, there are certain requirements that the applicant needs to fulfill. These are inclusive of:

  • Their visit to the country should be temporary
  • It is necessary for the applicant to leave the country once their period of authorized stay comes to an end
  • The applicant should hold a valid passport
  • Applicants need to prove their financial stability
  • The temporary immigrant must maintain residence in his/her country of origin
  • The immigrant must abide by the immigration rules and regulations of the country that they are visiting

Travelling with a temporary immigration visa
For a country like Canada, the acquisition of a temporary immigration visa does not guarantee that you would be allowed to enter the country. It is basically a means of allowing an individual to travel to the country, and seek permission to enter it upon reaching the port of entry. When you reach the port of entry, official representatives of the Customs and Border Protection will decide whether you are to enter the country or not even if you have acquired your visa with the help of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai.

In case you are given permission to enter the country, you will be provided with a form 194 meant for Arrival and Departure record by the inspector of the Department of Homeland Security. The inspector is going to mention the date of your departure in this card. It is necessary for you to leave the country by this particular date in order to make sure that you don’t overstay in the country.