ARMORED VEHICLE FEATURESOkay, so you decided to have yourself an armored car. That sounds great, but before you go to your dealer and pick what you think is the best one, be sure to know these features so you can pick the best and sturdiest armored car for sale in the dealership.

  1. Materials and Make

The materials that are being used for ordinary cars are way different from a standard armored vehicle. One thing is the window glass. The standard car is using an automotive glass. On the other hand, the window glass of an amored car is made from the combination of automotive glass and bullet-proof optical glass. The interior is kind of different too since armored cars are design with superior safety features from the outside to the inside.

  1. Design

Back in the days, armored cars look pretty much like an artillery vehicle. But nowadays, it can look like your usual sedan or SUV. What makes the design different is that armored cars are packed with safety functions that are incorporated with the design. The combination of security and design is not that apparent on the first look but Of course the design of armoured cash transit vehicles since it has specific function and use.

  1. Engine

The engine is what separates the usual car to an armored car. Armored car’s engine are made to withstand the weight due to the armored modifications made on the vehicle. It is require to up the chasis and the engine not only to support the weight but also to make sure that the car function smoothly on the road even with the dimensions and safety functionalities added to it. The spring rate and air springs are upgraded for support.

  1. Tires

Speaking of driving, the tires should be able to carry the weight as well and can function on different terrain and different instances. Tires of armored vehicles are tough and durable and should be able to withstand tear and bullets. In fact, it should be able to function well even if it is hit with a bullet.

  1. Lifespan

The longevity of the armored vehicle is one of the features you need to check with your dealership. Since the make and design is quite different with your standard car, the maintenance of this kind of vehicle is quite different. Be sure to ask your dealer on the maintenance and repair. He should be able to give you recommendations on where should it be repaired or upgraded.