Dubai is considered as a land of opportunities and people who are keen on making their dreams a reality are most likely to settle on this place and start their business.

For smart business owners, they put their investments on what the people want. They focus on types of businesses that can drive profit and growth in a short span of time.setup-business-in-dubai

If you are thinking of venturing into the business world, you might want to check these businesses and see if you can setup business in Dubai with these business ideas.

  1. Food Services

Anything that is related to food is a surefire success. More than providing sumptuous dishes, you can provide food-related services like delivery and processing. Locals and visitors are looking for these kinds of services all the time.

  1. Automobile

Transportation is a big thing in Dubai, which is why this can be a good business idea. If you are a car lover and thinking of delving into the auto industry, you can do auto-related businesses like a repair shop or a car wash business. You can also provide other services like towing services or selling spare parts.

  1. Clothing

Dubai is one of the fashion capitals in the world and brands are putting up their stores in Dubai for maximum exposure. If you are an aspiring designer who wants to introduce your line in the Middle East, then Dubai is the perfect place to start.

  1. Financing

If you are into balancing the books and keeping tabs on expenses, finance-related services is the business for you. This can be a good startup business since you don’t need much capital to start this. You can even set this up at home.

  1. IT and digital business

Digital marketing is an emerging trade in Dubai. Businesses are looking for an individual or a company to help them set up and run their digital marketing campaigns. Gather IT and digital marketing professionals and set up your team and start getting clients. This is also a low-capital business.

  1. Business Consulting

Helping others definitely has its perks: you can get paid for doing it. Business consulting is popular service in Dubai since a lot of people are venturing to trade and commerce. Take cue from Dubai offshore company formation service providers.

  1. Real Estate

As mentioned, Dubai is home to architectural wonders and many are looking to invest their money in places like this. Getting into the real estate consulting business would surely bring in income. Other business ideas that come to mind are space renting, cleaning services, and interior design.

Facing IT: What are the Common IT Problems in Business?

online support concepts, message on keyboard keyInformation Technology is one of the foundations of an efficient business process. When utilized properly, your IT solutions can be a catalyst for your business growth. But if you’re neglecting this aspect of your business, Information Technology can also become a road block.

How can Information Technology cause setbacks to your business? Here are some of the common IT problems that businesses encounter:

Failure to Backup and Recover Data

It happens – a colleague accidentally deletes a critical file; a virus suddenly invades your company’s network, causing heavy data damage; or your server decides to crash at the peak of a work day. When it comes to these situations, one of the common problems that companies face is the lack of a backup and disaster recovery plan. It’s an oversight that can cause a business more than just delays in work processes, but may also cost them revenue. Fortunately, you can find an IT solutions company in Dubai that can provide data backup.

Error in Integrating New Technology

New technology doesn’t always integrate well with older applications or networks. For instance, installing new software may cause certain errors in your systems, which, in turn, leads to other inefficiencies. To avoid errors in integrating new technology, thorough planning is needed. Better yet, leave the integration in the hands of the experts.

Insufficient Maintenance for IT Resources

For small businesses that are already having a hard time meeting the demands of their operations, maintaining IT technology can be an added burden. This often causes the business to settle with outdated servers that only adds fuel to their problem. During instances like this, it’s often wiser to outsource your IT services to ensure complete maintenance of your physical IT resources.

Network Downtimes

The last thing you want is a network interruption when you’re in a conference call or when you’re transferring files from one workstation to another. A computing network downtime – even if it’s just for half a day – can mean significant losses for the business. Moreover, this causes inconvenience to employees, as they are unable to finish what was delegated to them for the day. This is why regular network maintenance is important. If you hire an outsource IT provider, it will be easier to detect any inconsistencies with your network’s performance.

Prompt actions make up the steps to ensure your IT solutions can support the capabilities of your business. If you can’t take care of it yourself, now is the opportunity to let the experts step in. Visit website for more detail.

Choosing a Long-Term Recruitment Consultancy Partner in Dubai

Having the right staff is one of the keys to a successful business. And that is the reason why companies are spending enormous amount of money and time on hiring and recruitment. Aside from strengthening their internal human resources effort, some companies also seek the guidance a recruitment consulting firm to boost their recruitment strategy.

manpower-supply-companyBut choosing a trusted consulting firm can be a tedious task itself.  With all the fly-by-night agencies claiming to give you a hand on staffing and untested firms who claims to give you the best employees, how can choose the one that is suited for company?

  1. Know your staffing requirements

The first order of business is to know what your requirements are in terms of hiring. By knowing your recruitment needs, you can easily plot your recruitment strategy, channels that you need to tap to outsource people and the kind of recruitment agency that you need to get on board. A manpower supply company in Dubai can be a generalist or a specialist. If you know your employee acquisition requirements, it would be easy to choose between the two.

Identify the vacancies, positions and skills levels that the company needs. It would be best if you can create a detailed job description for each position.

  1. Go in-depth with research

Once you identify the skillset that your company needs, it is time to scout your recruitment partner. Don’t go easy with research. A lot of manpower supply company have impressive websites and profiles. Look for reviews and the companies they are handling for recruitment. Make a list and narrow it down based on your company’s industry and staff needs.

  1. Know their methodology

After having a final list, set a meeting with each agency. Meeting them personally would give you a sense of how they are as a recruitment partner. One of the most important thing that you need to know is their methodology or how their agency works, from sourcing to delivering results. From there, you can identify if their sourcing methodology are updated and legal. To be sure, ask for documentation and paper works as a proof.

  1. Know their values

Aside from asking the obvious questions like their capabilities to supply you with the right people, it is important to know if their values is aligned with yours. It is important for a company to have a recruiter that share the same values as them so he can provide them better with the right set of people.

  1. Make a decision

Once you gather all the information you need, sit down with your team and present each agency’s strengths and weaknesses. Outline the methodologies of each and see if their strategy is aligned with your recruitment objectives. From there, you can identify which sourcing company best fit your staffing needs.

The process of looking for a reliable staffing partner can taxing and demanding. But the end result of this hunt would be rewarding not only for your human resource department, but also for you company as you will have the right type of employees that would help achieve your company goals and objectives.

Visit to know more about recruitment and staffing.

What Makes a Good Lawyer?

If you watch television series about lawyers, you’re probably familiar with the image of lawyers acting like big people in the courtroom, winning a case like a pro with their big voice, eloquence, and legal prowess. You’re probably inspired by how savvy they look and how powerful they are in making the legal authorities believe in their words.

best lawyerHowever, like in most things, mastering the art of lawyering takes thousands of hours of reading about the law, reviewing similar cases, and doing research on the local statutes. No matter how admirable a lawyer in a television series is, he or she still depends on others to do a great job of protecting you and your interests. If you’re wondering how they do it, here are four indicators of a good lawyer.


While education doesn’t exclusively predict success, it does affect one’s set of skills. A good property lawyers uae most probably received education from reputable educational institutions in the country and even abroad. Learning from experienced lawyers and educators will hone one’s critical thinking, research, and debate skills. Good lawyers have been trained to take notes, read, and explain ideas well in school and they will most likely carry those skills in the courtroom when they’re defending you.


Similarly, experience is a good indicator of a decent lawyer. Experience is the best teacher, after all. Good education will most likely lead to good experience, after all. With a former law student’s contacts from his or her school, he or she can secure an employment with prestigious law firms where he or she can practice theories and ideas learned from school. Practice develops confidence, too, and any lawyer worth his or her money knows that confidence in the courtroom highly predicts success.


When a uae law firms recommends a lawyer with good education and training, you will feel more secure with that lawyer’s services. After all, who will hire a professional whom nobody trusts? Will you refer a former colleague to your current employer, knowing that the former colleague has issues in absenteeism, performance, and integrity? Will you hire a plumber whom nobody else has hired before? You may do so, but perhaps only if you have previous connections with that plumber. People are social animals, and we depend on one another for referrals, more so for professional services like lawyering.

Listening Skills

While you can research a lawyer’s education, experience, and letters of recommendation, you cannot measure his or her listening skills without meeting him or her face-to-face. No matter the profession, a person who listens well also understands topics well. If your lawyer fully understands your case and what you want to achieve in filing that particular case, you can more openly talk to him or her and thus allow open communication.

Look for these characteristics when seeking the services of a reliable lawyer.

How to set up a business in dubai

Building Your Company in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has transformed itself as one of the premier international business hubs in the world. The main catalyst for its astounding growth is the numerous incentives it offers businesses. If you wish to be one of the business people who have tried their luck in Dubai, here is a quick and practical guide for your reference.

Taking the first few steps in setting up a company in Dubai

1) Identify Your Business

There are three types of trade licenses available in Dubai: commercial, industrial, and professional. The type of license that will be issued to you depends on the nature and activities of your business.

Note, however, that some business types have stricter requirements; these include businesses involved in the food industry, jewellery, and legal consultancy.

2) Determine Nature of Ownership

For foreign nationals who wish to have 100 percent ownership of their business, it is ideal to set up your business in a Free Zone in the UAE. On the other hand, those who prefer to set up a business outside the Free Zones need to have a local business partner or sponsor, which could be an individual or a corporation. The partner, by law, needs to hold at least 51 percent share of the company. The terms of remuneration are subject to the agreement between the partners.

Here are some of the key Free Zones in Dubai you might want to consider:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone, or simply Dubai Auto Zone
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park
  • Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai Flower Centre
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • International Media Production Zone
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Free Zone
  • Dubai World Central Business Park
  • Dubai Production City

3) Secure a Trade Name

Choose a trade name for your business. However, keep in mind that the trade name is crucial in the legal proceedings for your business. The trade name should, ideally, clearly represent the nature of your business.

To help you smoothly and efficiently establish a company in Dubai, it is best to get the expert services of business set-up specialists in the city.