What Makes a Good Lawyer?

If you watch television series about lawyers, you’re probably familiar with the image of lawyers acting like big people in the courtroom, winning a case like a pro with their big voice, eloquence, and legal prowess. You’re probably inspired by how savvy they look and how powerful they are in making the legal authorities believe in their words.

best lawyerHowever, like in most things, mastering the art of lawyering takes thousands of hours of reading about the law, reviewing similar cases, and doing research on the local statutes. No matter how admirable a lawyer in a television series is, he or she still depends on others to do a great job of protecting you and your interests. If you’re wondering how they do it, here are four indicators of a good lawyer.


While education doesn’t exclusively predict success, it does affect one’s set of skills. A good property lawyers uae most probably received education from reputable educational institutions in the country and even abroad. Learning from experienced lawyers and educators will hone one’s critical thinking, research, and debate skills. Good lawyers have been trained to take notes, read, and explain ideas well in school and they will most likely carry those skills in the courtroom when they’re defending you.


Similarly, experience is a good indicator of a decent lawyer. Experience is the best teacher, after all. Good education will most likely lead to good experience, after all. With a former law student’s contacts from his or her school, he or she can secure an employment with prestigious law firms where he or she can practice theories and ideas learned from school. Practice develops confidence, too, and any lawyer worth his or her money knows that confidence in the courtroom highly predicts success.


When a uae law firms recommends a lawyer with good education and training, you will feel more secure with that lawyer’s services. After all, who will hire a professional whom nobody trusts? Will you refer a former colleague to your current employer, knowing that the former colleague has issues in absenteeism, performance, and integrity? Will you hire a plumber whom nobody else has hired before? You may do so, but perhaps only if you have previous connections with that plumber. People are social animals, and we depend on one another for referrals, more so for professional services like lawyering.

Listening Skills

While you can research a lawyer’s education, experience, and letters of recommendation, you cannot measure his or her listening skills without meeting him or her face-to-face. No matter the profession, a person who listens well also understands topics well. If your lawyer fully understands your case and what you want to achieve in filing that particular case, you can more openly talk to him or her and thus allow open communication.

Look for these characteristics when seeking the services of a reliable lawyer.